Gregg Shorthand in Portuguese!!!

I am new in the forum and I would like first to say hi to everyone. This also is my first message here, so I’m sorry if it’s in the wrong place. I’ve been following the group for some time and I have great admiration for the Gregg method, since I knew what exactly was the shorthand – that a short time ago.

Although I know of adapting the method to my native language, unfortunately I had not gotten a copy to it (Brazilian Portuguese) and I started the study by another method – method Maron, in which I am already halfway through the course. Although I want to finish the Maron course completely that fortunately is all freely available online and is excellent, the Gregg shorthand never left my mind.
Well, last week I finally found and bought an edition of 1960 (the most updated for my language – I think) of the Gregg system by Pionera Publishing (but a faithful copy of the Gregg Publishing), in a book called “Estenografia Gregg”. Searching superficially about the book, I saw that apparently this seems to be an adaptation made together with the creator of the Gregg Method of the Anniversary Edition.
The book seems to have little content (only 128 pages) and I would like to know from the more experienced staff. Worth learning through these adaptations? Is there no loss of content in relation to the original method? Does anyone know if this adaptation into Portuguese is really the anniversary edition? 
If you can opine about that, since now I thank you.
P.S.: Sorry about my bad English, I’m still learning it, but I hope you can understand it well ;)!
(by Victor for group greggshorthand)

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  1. Oi Victor! Bem-vindo a nosso forum!

    Yes, that's the second edition of Harter's adaptation of Gregg Shorthand in Portuguese, published in 1955. The adaptation corresponds to a level comparable to both Pre-Anniv and Anniversary Gregg. I also have the first edition, published in 1927. The 1927 was written with the old Portuguese spelling, plus the shorthand is not as legible as in the second edition. I think the second edition is fine, though there are some things that are a little odd in the adaptation in my opinion. Is the shorthand usable and worth learning? I believe so. It is similar to Taquigrafia Gregg in Spanish.

    BTW, your English is great.

  2. Carlos, thanks for answering.

    I'm glad to know more about the book. I plan to study the Gregg method when I finish the Maron method (that I started first) and in this method, I have the goal of reaching at least 100wpm, so it will take a long time to start studying a new one.

    I'm glad to know that it’s a complete method to my language and that isn’t a simplified version or with less content. Thanks again for the information.

    Victor Hugo

  3. Jucarapato, I thank you for making available the download of the book. I got to find a copy of the book in a store that sells over the internet and I bought it, but surely your link would have helped a lot if it hadn't quite gotten the issue of which I spoke. Anyway… thanks for the help!

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