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  1. Yes, my penmanship is slowly improving. These examples have a great vocabulary that I don't always see in my texts. I use these for reading comprehension as well as penmanship, because the content is very different that the standard "business letter" content of many of my texts.

    As far as penmanship goes, I still hesitate a bit on my o's and u's. But they're getting better. Also, my clockwise vowels are a little trickier than my counterclockwise ones. Just in terms of keeping them smooth and round and in line with my consonants. I keep reminding myself that the examples in the texts are unique cases of outstanding penmanship which not everyone should be able to duplicate exactly. They are more of an ideal form to strive for.

    I was a little heartened when I saw someone's post a while back of some examples of penmanship by various professional court reporters and I saw that each had a distinct style that were not all the same as a Dupraw or Richmond. I'm a big fan of Dupraw's style. It is very readable. I'm sure my style of Gregg will shape into a unique style when I become more fluent. I really aim for legibility at this point instead of speed. I'm seeing improvement little by little. It is truly a joyful hobby.

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