1931 Revised Shorthand Plates for Alice In Wonderland

Attached is a comparison of Page 6 of the 1919 and 1931 editions of Alice in Wonderland in Gregg Shorthand.
The 1919 Alice in Wonderland Gregg Shorthand edition conformed to the 1916 Pre-Anniversary Gregg Shorthand Manual.  In 1931, the 1919 Shorthand plates were revised to conform to the 1929 Anniversary Gregg Shorthand Manual. 
With 154 Shorthand plates, it was not practical to rewrite the entire book.  Instead, a few words per page were carefully changed to conform to the 1931 Gregg Shorthand Manual.  The line endings, page endings, and picture positions were unchanged.
In Chapter 1, the number of changed words or phrases on a page ranged from 0 (Page 14) to 11 (Page 6).  The attached PDF file shows the differences on Page 6 for 1919 and 1931.  The changes are circled.  Line numbers were added to the page scans for reference.

Attachment: AliceGreggP6Compare1919_1931.pdf

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