Problems with images on posts

There appears to be a small problem with images on posts. After a while, Multiply deletes the original image, and stores a reduced sized copy on the message. I will verify that this is indeed the case with customer support and not a bug, but if you ever post a message with an image, make sure that in addition to inserting the file as an image, you insert it as an attachment, so that we can always retrieve the original. (I had to edit all the Penmanship images because of this issue.)

From what I can see, this only applies to images. Attachments have not been affected.

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  1. Thanks for noticing this and looking into it. It would be a shame if all the work went to waste. I'm looking forward to actually reading it someday. (My mantra: Must not switch versions yet again. Must stick it out with this one to 85wpm.)

  2. Any progress? It's easy to forget to uploading things as both image and attachment, especially for new and irregular posters. I have a few other ideas for preserving the image, but they all require a sister site.

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