Expert Shorthand Speed Course Teacher’s Handbook – online

The University of Pittsburgh has posted the Expert Shorthand Speed Course: Teacher’s Handbook (Anniversary) at their Nietz archive of old schoolbooks. Direct link:;view=toc;c=nietz

The main textbook is usually hard to track down, but it was mentioned here recently that a digital copy can be checked out at

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  1. Marc – I don't think these types of archives provide direct downloading or printing of the entire book, only of individual pages. I would love to be wrong, but I couldn't find any other way.

    Cricket – My feeling exactly!

  2. The advice to teachers on how to "program" the teaching is excellent. If you noticed, the "expert" dictation groups mcbud posted are modeled on the "pyramid" scheme … an excellent method to increase your speed ability.
    It's irritating not to be able to download and print the entire book, however it's a blessing to have transcripts of the shorthand material available for reference if needed.

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