Gregg Shorthand Sample on an iPad Screen

(by Robert for group greggshorthand)

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  1. That's very smooth and accurate.

    Did you find the pen made a difference? I just got an iPod Touch and wasn't nearly that good with my finger on the smaller device.

    Somewhere I saw that the device sees a fuzzy roundish-shape and the actual spot it returns is a bit top-left of centre. Maybe most people point that way by instinct. Does anyone know if lefties have difficulty? You're right about "just go". If you think about it too much, you lose the instinct they anticipated.

    They need a pen-mode and a finger-mode.

    Have you tried the Sketch Memo app? There's 1-inch high area at the bottom of the screen where you write, then it shrinks the shape, moves it to the main screen and adds a space. The writing area is divided in half. If you lift the pen and put it down in the same half, it's part of the same word. If you put it down in the other half, it's a new word. It's worth going through their tutorial once you've played with it a bit.

  2. I haven't tried any other handwriting apps. Penultimate received very good reviews. I think the real issue is having a pen tip that is small enough so that the writer feels "mentally connected" to the writing surface. With the current stylus technology, the pen tip is a metal point surrounded by a spongy bulb. It works; however, it's not perfect.

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