Diamond Necklace – Anniversary 1931 – First Edition With Revised Plates by Gingell

Here is the first Anniversary edition of the Diamond Necklace.  It is from March 1931.  Georgie Gregg Gingell’s 1923 pre-Anniversary plates were slightly modified to conform to Anniversary Shorthand.  (This type of plate modification is similar to what was done for Alice in Wonderland in 1931.)  This book was replaced in 1933 by the green paperback version with plates by Winifred Kenna Richmond.

I read about a 1931 Anniversary edition in Gregg Writer and Business Educator book ads.  I thought it was a mistake because the green Anniversary edition came out in 1933.  I recently got the attached edition from an online bookseller for a few bucks.  I was surprised when it said “Anniversary Edition” on the title page.

This looks like the tiny 1923 Pre-Anniversary edition with gold on the cover.  I compared this version to my 1923 edition.  The line endings and page endings are the same.  However, they revised Georgie Gregg’s plates with such changes as inserting “of the” on a line, instead of omitting “of the” by cramming two words together.  There were several other changes as well. However, they left the date 1923 on the back cover.  They also did not update the list of office on the title page.

I figure that this edition was only out for 2 years before the 1933 green book came out.  Has anyone else ever seen this edition?

The original story was published in 1884.  This Gregg Shorthand version has no copyright date on the verso page.  It entered the public domain the day it was published.

Attachment: DiamondNecklace_Ann1931_2ndEdx.pdf

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  1. Hang onto your copy. I believe that it is rare. Does anyone else have the same version of this tiny book with plates by Georgie Gregg Gingell that says "Anniversary Edition" on the title page?

  2. It first appeared serialized in the Gregg Writer in 1922. Then in 1923, it appeared in book form with the Gregg Writer plates. Then that version was revised for Anniversary in 3-1931. Then in 1933, Winifred Kenna Richmond redid the entire book for Anniversary. That makes 4 publications for Diamond Necklace in Gregg Shorthand.

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