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Here is an Internet Archives link to Gregg Shorthand Novels, Readers, and Manuals that I contributed. I scanned most of these myself or paid to have them scanned. A few were given to me by others. This includes the 1888, 1893, 1898, and 1902 Gregg Shorthand Manuals.

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  1. If anyone knows how I could get the link to these resources on the Wikipedia Gregg Shorthand page, please let me know. I tried to put this Internet Archives link on there three times. Some power-hungry Wikipedia Policeman removed the link each time. It was not the person who created the Wikipedia Gregg Shorthand page and did and excellent job. It was some Wikipedia review Guru who has nothing to do with Shorthand and was on a crazy power trip. I think it is a shame that these resources cannot be made more broadly available through mention on Wikipedia. I do not profit from individuals downloading those documents from the Internet Archive. In fact, I paid a scanning company to scan several of these. The others I carefully scanned myself. I simply wanted to share these items with people who appreciate them.

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