Gregg Handwriting book for sale on UK Amazon

In case it is of interest, the wonderful, handwriting primer, “Gregg Handwriting” by Mr. Gregg and Mary Louise Champion is for sale at the UK Amazon site:

I have this book and thoroughly enjoy it.
The explanations and examples will be dearly familiar to a shorthand writer.
It was published by the Gregg Publishing Company in Great Britain, and if I remember correctly, in 1931.  (I’m not at home to check the date.)
Mary Louise Champion was one of the top penmen of the day, and had written a penmanship text a few years earlier.  It can be read at the IAMPETH site:
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  1. Carlos, I'm so glad you have scanned the book. I have a copy of this book and treasure it greatly.

    I think that Dr. Gregg's explanations of handwriting as a skill, and of such things as the movements and directions for writing the letters are a very lovely example of his brilliance as a teacher. This handwriting manual makes it quite obvious how the exact movement of the arm as a whole and the added accuracy of finger movement is the basis of the shorthand outlines.

    If you have the time to post the scans of this book, I think others would also find it fascinating and helpful.

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