Dictation Files, Simplified Functional, Chapter 21, 40-90 wpm

Each zip file contains several mp3’s of the same passage at different speeds.

Passage  Topic

178 taking care of your clothing wants / same individual
179 Flint tires / one morning recently letter
180 Dear Rex, seeking sales manager
181 cannot reserve room for you


File names are in the format: gsf2-13-110-40-90.zip

gsf2 = Gregg Simplified Functional 2nd Edition
-13 = Lesson 13
-110 = passage 110
-40-90 = speeds from 40-90 wpm in 10wpm increments.

See this post for more info:

(Sept 13, 2011, added 21-182.)

Attachment: gsf2-21-178.zip
Attachment: gsf2-21-179.zip
Attachment: gsf2-21-180.zip
Attachment: gsf2-21-181.zip
Attachment: gsf2-21-182.zip

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group greggshorthand)

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