Getting good grades

A million years ago, I took typing in High School. I remember that at the end of the first semester, we had to be able to type 35 wpm to get an “A”. At the end of the second semester, we had to be able to type 50 wpm to get an “A”.

Does anyone remember the speeds needed in their shorthand classes to get various grades?

(by Fred for group greggshorthand)

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  1. In high school typing just to pass the class, we had to type 45 wpm with 5 errors or less. Just to pass the shorthand class, with had to accurately transcribe dictation taken at 80 to 100 wpm. That was just to pass. VLindsey

  2. I didn't take shorthand in high school but I do remember a good friend freaking out at the end of her second year of shorthand classes (right before graduation) because she could only write 115 which was going to make her grade a B+ and she wanted the A–which required 120 wpm.

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