Some Books from Winifred Kenna Richmond's Personal Shorthand Collection

Below are dedication pages of some of Mrs. Richmond’s shorthand books from her personal collection. Enjoy!

Gregg Medical Shorthand Manual (1927)

Gregg Reporting Shortcuts (1922)

Gregg Shorthand Anniversary Manual-Miniature

Gregg Shorthand Functional Method – Book 1

Gregg Shorthand Functional Method – Book 2

Gregg Speed Studies (1917)

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  1. I was lucky to obtain those books in auction and they are now part of my library, :-). Apparently they belonged to a lady that passed away and were kept in a box. Her estate sold the books to the collector I bought them from. We don't know if the lady indeed was Mrs. Richmond herself, or a relative. When I found out they were Mrs. Richmond's, it was an easy decision to purchase them.

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