OCR / Optical Character Recognition Recommendations Please

Hi All,

Does anyone know of a good, inexpensive, optical character recognition program. I’d like to give it scans (probably jpg) of text for it to convert.

Also, does anyone have a way to convert pdf’s to jpg’s (or whatever the OCR program takes)?



Cricket for everyone)


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  1. The OCR programs that I've used are part of a scanner. You place the book on the scanner, and you scan it, much like scanning a page into your computer. Then, the scanner converts the image of the text into a text file. You then have to go through the file and correct it. I've not had much luck with OCR technology being very accurate. It often mistakes one character for another. It will take marks on the page as characters. I've spent more time proofing the text and making corrections than it takes for me to type the page from scratch.

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