Missing page(s) – Direct Practice Units for Beginning Gregg Shorthand

Does anyone have a copy of Direct Practice Units for Beginning Gregg Shorthand here?

I have it nearly ready to post, but am chagrined to discover that a page is apparently missing from my copy.

Unit 7 should include three pages, (maybe four.) I have the first two pages, but the last one is missing. (You can barely tell, the way this book is laid out—like one of those old typewriter instructional books, except that it doesn’t “flip.” And the top of each page is perforated.)

Would anyone be able to scan? (I try to go for 300dpi, and preferably as a black & white, bitmap.)

If anyone could supply this missing part, I would much appreciate it!

(by Joel for
group greggshorthand)


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  1. Good point! I just checked and found seven U.S. libraries on worldcat. I'll check with them each in turn.

    It's worth it to get this up. The purpose of this text is to enable the student to master the outlines for the 600 most common words—a most worthy goal. There's a lot of phrasing practice with those words as well. 🙂

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