Any transcriptions for 1930 Gregg Speed Studies & Graded Readings in Gregg Shorthand? (Can't get to text box)

(by Jeannie for group greggshorthand)

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  1. When I posted the question above, it wouldn't let me say anything in the text box. I couldn't put the cursor there. Is this normal for this blog/forum?

    Anyhow, I just got that book at my local thrift shop and there are no transcriptions for the little stories/readings in the first part of the book. I find that disconcerting and don't understand why it seems so many Gregg shorthand books were written without transcriptions for their readings. Without transcriptions there's just no way to know if you're reading the outlines right or wrong. I hope that someone finally came up with a transcription for the first part of this book and that I'm not just wishful thinking.

  2. Hi Jeannie,

    That's been "on the dock" for a while. Give me another week or two and, Godwilling, I'll have them ready.

    It's very encouraging to hear someone asking for them—Dr. Gregg is still acquiring new students! 🙂

  3. greggstudent, what an encouragement to see that you have taken up this particular transcribing as your task! Will you put it in PDF form? Believe me, whatever form in which you choose to accomplish this will be much appreciated by me and I'm sure others as well.

    In my Teacher's edition of the Fundamental Manual, I am impressed with their common sense reasons for revising shorthand teaching the way they did. And that's why I wonder where their common sense was when they chose not to include transcriptions. Just makes me scratch my head, and none of them are around to ask. I'm thankful that most of the transcriptions appear in the two Functional Method I'm learning from. I really don't think learning shorthand would be do-able without them.

    Thanks again! And don't feel pressured to get these transcriptions done before noon. 🙂

  4. The behavior you describe is strange. If you click on "Add to Blog", you will get a new page titled "Compose Blog Entry" with a Title area (where you put the title), a toolbar with lots of buttons, text box for the message, a text box for tags, and three buttons: Save & Publish, Preview & Spell Check, and Cancel Reply. If you cannot navigate to the text box, check your computer configuration.

  5. I suspect that back then "struggle through" and "sound it out" was considered better than being lazy.

    Even these days, parents of kids who are late learning to read have to be taught to give the correct word quickly. They're afraid kids won't learn to do the tough work if they give in too easily. Studies have shown, though, that keeping the flow and sense of the passage is better than breaking it to focus on one word. They can always work on sounding out the word when they read it again. Also, previewing the tough words or a "picture walk through" to pre-load the new words is also good.

  6. cricketb, you're right. I don't see any sense in making anyone struggle through learning anything if there's an easy way to learn it. Those who developed the functional method reasoned that it was just a waste of a student's time to not make the answers easily accessible. I don't think I'd continue to teach myself shorthand if the Keys were not available, which is of course is the very reason I want those Keys. I'm most appreciative of those who work to make these available!

    mcbud, I'm sure my inability to put the cursor in the text box has something to do with using the external keyboard on my iPad. It's usually easy to tell whether the internal or external keyboard is active, but not always I suppose. It's just strange that I could input the Title but not the text.

  7. Yes, if anyone here uses an external keyboard with their iPad maybe they've had this happen. It's not happened in any other forum though. I'm sure grateful for the "Inbox" at the top of the page because it's the only way I can find my way back to the posts I've gotten involved in.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm very grateful for this site, and find it all well organized except for the forum part. I just wish it was structured more like a normal forum so I'd not dread the maze. Forgive my griping, maybe it's all just too much of an effort for my lazy bones.

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