Historical materials about stenography, tachygraphy

I’ve already posted perhaps best developed article about stenography/shorthand on Wikipedia:
Of course, it’s in Polish. 😉
Now I’m going to edit such a definitions like:
tironian notes
Tiro (Marcus Tullius)

If You have any historical materials in Your collection, that You did not posted them here, I would be grateful for links or documents. English or eventually any language available in Google-translator will be OK. I’m especially interested in any documents relating to tachygraphy, especially Bysantian (eg. Grottaferrata), any analysis of evolution of tironian notes since invention, thru Senecan reforms and Christian bloom and dusk of the art and so on.
Maybe You think, that I’m freak, but I’ve always been crazy about knowledge, that I’ve never heard about before.

PS. Suppose, that I’ve already searched google.books, archive.org etc.

(by Krzysztof for
group greggshorthand)


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