Key to Gregg Speed Building (1932)

This is the Teacher’s Key to the first Speed Building book for Anniversary, an intermediate level text which is still readily available.

Although subsequent Speed Building books—the One-Year Course for high schools and the college course—have a greatly enlarged vocabulary, as well as additional grammatical helps for skill in transcription, the old ’32 edition has one thing they don’t have: a useful vocabulary index.

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  1. Thank you for posting this. There is also a 1938 edition (called the New, Revised Edition), of similar size to the 1932 edition, which was the first one to contain the business English lessons by Lillian Hutchinson. Subsequent editions were enlarged to last one year and were published in two versions: a high-school version (one-year course) and a college version.

    I actually like the 1932 edition. There's a selection about the Autogyro, which I found interesting.

  2. I forgot about that 1938 edition, which is mentioned in the later books.

    The One-Year Course has 21 more pages than the later Gregg Speed Building for Colleges (649 and 628 respectively), but I don't see any real difference between them. It looks like the formatting of content was just streamlined somewhat, slightly reducing its size.

  3. Okay, I see there is a difference there, although it looks like the college course has less CR material than the One-Year Course. However, my copy of the One-Year Course doesn't actually mention "high school" anywhere. Maybe it's a different text altogether?

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