Diamond Necklace – Pre-Anniversary 1902 – Aug/Sept 1914 Gregg Writer Serialized – Better Scan

Attached is a MUCH improved scan of the the 7 part serialization of “The Diamond Necklace” in Pre-Anniversary 1902 Gregg Shorthand.  I was able to get access to original magazines and scanned the pages in color.  My earlier scan was partly from black and white negative microfilm.

This version was never published in book form.  It was serialized in the Gregg Writer starting August 1914 with Parts I through 4.  Parts 5 through 7 were included in the September 1914 Gregg Writer.  The key was included in the September and October 1914 Gregg Writer.

These are definitely different plates than those found in the 1923 (PA 1916) published book.  The 1923 PA 1916 book has 19 shorthand plates (pages 5 through 23).  Parts I through 4 of this PA 1902 serialization cover pages 5 through 16 (line 9). Parts 5 through 7 cover pages 16 (line 10) through 23.

There are 4 different Gregg Shorthand versions of “The Diamond Necklace”:
–Pre-Anniversary 1902 – Serialized in Aug/Sept 1914 Gregg Writer – Never Published.

–Pre-Anniversary 1916 – Serialized in June-Sept 1921 Gregg Writer – Published in 1923
  Plates by Georgie Gregg Gingell.

–Anniversary – Slightly modified plates from 1923 Pre-Anniversary Edition – Book has same cover and line/page endings as 1923 version – Published March 1931

–Anniversary – Completely revised plates by Winifred Kenna Richmond with standard green Anniversary cover – Published in 1933

Attachment: DiamondNecklace_PA1902_1914New.pdf

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