Overpriced Copy of Sign of the Four

There is a copy of Sign of the Four in Gregg Shorthand listed for 463.00 USD on Amazon.  Does anyone have a clue where someone comes up with a price like this? 

This book is as common as dirt.  There is only one hardback PA 1902 version from late 1915, and the binding is very strong.  Many copies have survived.  They kept printing and selling this book from 1915 through the 1940’s.  Copies are available from several online book sellers for 10 to 20 bucks. 

This makes no sense to me.

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  1. Some time back, a common-enough pamphlet, I think about bugs (my google-fu is failing), was listed for several million. Some smaller stores will offer books they don't have. They set the price to be what they can buy it for from another store, then add their profit. Other stores set their price to be an average of their competitors' prices or average plus or minus a bit. All the auction and multiple-store sites say not to do it, but… In this case, a closed feed-back loop set up and things went nuts.

  2. I keep seeing Gregg shorthand books way over priced. Mostly because of the year of publication, doesn't matter how many copies were printed or the quality even. A lot of times I'll see the word "vintage" next to the books, and I guess they are "vintage" but not "rare" (although that has appeared next to them).

    Like mcbud said, the seller doesn't know and thinks they have treasures.

  3. My favorite part about this is that the seller doesn't cover the shipping. BTW, i noticed there was a kindle edition for Sign of the Four. Would that be only for the regular typed copy or is there such a thing as Gregg works for Kindle?

  4. That is one pet peeve I have with Amazon. If you look up a Gregg novel, it give you other editions in English text. The kindle definitely is NOT in Gregg shorthand.

    By the way, there are several copies of "Sign of the Four" in Gregg Shorthand with online sellers for 10 to 30 bucks. This high-price amazon listing went down 20 bucks. It is still well over 400 bucks. I wouldn't pay that if it was signed by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle himself.

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