Brief form for “upon”

The “word sign” for the word “upon” given in both the 1902 and the 1916 manuals is “pn.”
In the Anniversary manual the brief from given for “upon” is “pon.”
The Simplified manual reverts to the earlier brief form.
Does anyone have thoughts about the editors’ reasons for changing the form in the Anniversary edition.  The original brief form is easier to write.

(by Bruce E. for group greggshorthand)

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  1. Anniversary Manual was created while Gregg was grieving over his late wife. He didn't pay much attention to that manual. It was full of errors and problems.

    It was common for the techniques to constantly be revised. They probably got feedback that PON took longer to write than PN, so they switched back for Simplified.

  2. Would later editions of Anni have the corrections, or would the less-efficient form remain the official Anni version?

    Does PON or PN have any other uses, which might cause conflict if you use all of Anni except that? Or, for that matter, mix-and-match between the versions on either side of the time line?

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