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I have just finished a course in Gregg Shorthand Simplified. The class used the Gregg Shorthand Simplified Manual. I am now attempting to increase my skill by studying “Most Used Shorthand Words and Phrases,” “Speed Building Simplified,”, and “Simplified College Edition, Vol.s 1 & 2.”

When I have a words or phrases that I cannot find in my Gregg Shorthand Dictionary Simplified, may I come to this site and ask for assistance?

I am finding Gregg Shorthand so beautiful! It’s a joy to study and learn and use.

Thank you.


(by James for group greggshorthand)

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  1. Welcome to the group, James! And of course, you can come up with any questions you have!

    Simplified is an excellent choice, as it balances speed and memory load. Simplified College Edition Vol. 1 is equivalent to the basic Simplified Manual which you studied already. So you can use that book as a review. The dictation book is Vol. 2. The dictation material in the Vol. 2 book is mostly business-related. If you also want to practice with non-business related material, the book "Gregg Advanced Dictation Simplified" contains dictation practice with all kinds of vocabulary.

    You said that you have "Speed Building Simplified." That is the high school version of the speed building book. There is a college version of that book "Gregg Speed Building Simplified for Colleges" which in my opinion is better than the high school book (more material and more drills), but the high school book should be fine.

    The last book in the series is the "Expert Shorthand Speed Course, Simplified Edition" which should be studied after the speed building book. With this book, you will learn additional speed expedients that will help in your shorthand.

    Those books should keep you busy for a while. There is always something new to be learned.

    Out of curiosity, what dictation speed are you at right now?

  2. Thanks for this priceless information mcbud. I have never taken a speed test, so I do not know what my speed is at present. What I am experiencing right now is a beginning of fluidity in my writing. It is very exciting.

    I will google the text you named that I do not have. I hope that I will be able to get them all.

    Again, thank you very much for your help. I plan to e active on this site.


  3. Sound files at 40 through 90 wpm for the first 20 chapters of Gregg Simplified Functional Second Edition are here:

    All the Simplified manuals teach in the same order. I think they even use the same chapter numbering system. The only difference are some of the explanations and the dictation material.

    Files slower than 40wpm are insanely large. I reached 40 by copying the plates and the key rather than sound files.


  4. Also, now that the text-to-speech program is automated, I'd love help typing passages. Typing and proof-reading takes time, but the rest of the process is automated.

    The quality is adequate for passages you've already read. For cold dictation, go to Marc's site.

    My dream is for new learners to have an entire book's worth of dictation.

    One text file per passage works best. Check the passages already posted, to avoid duplication. The two Simplified books I have (Gregg Simplified 2nd Edition and Gregg Simplified Functional 2nd Edition — GS2 and GSF2) use mostly the same passages in the early chapters. I don't know about other books and later chapters.

    (Same offer goes for any other Gregg version, any speeds, so long as it gets posted for the group.)


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