Table / Database of passages in core books

Is there a way to do a table or database on Multiply? The Help pages have nothing for either term.

The two Simplified books I have use many of the same passages, at least in the first dozen chapters.

Ideally, I’d like a table showing key words of the passage, passage number in each book, and link to a zip file with the dictation files. I do 6 speeds per passage, to accommodate people changing systems who have speed but not theory, so uploading one file per speed per passage is impractical.)

I did have it started on my own website, but the sound files (the raison d’etre for the chart) added up to too much space.


(Who finds quick notes here fit into the day better than 20 minutes of shorthand.)

Cricket for everyone)


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  1. Hey Cricket, I've created tables here before by just hard-coding the HTML. Utilities like the one Chuck linked to are helpful, but it can still be a little tricky if you're not familiar with HTML. (I usually have to make manual tweaks even with generated code.)

    So feel free to ask further if it's not working as expected. I've got buckets of experience with this stuff; no doubt others here have as well. 🙂

  2. Yep, I've done my share of hard-coding HTML tables. By the time you remove the garbage the utilities put in, it's usually faster.

    Mind you, a spreadsheet with td/td (and brackets) in every other column, export as txt, works well. Now to make time to do it. Quick bits of research are more fun than knuckling down and doing it.

  3. I hate the code Word creates. A huge for every paragraph, specifying all sorts of stuff that should be left to the browser. It also uses non-standard special characters. Word is optimized for printed documents, not websites. Also, it throws in information that's useless for a website, simply so if you load the html back into Word it has all the information it needs to to make the same printed document. All that useless code is likely to backfire on a website.

    I haven't tried Excel lately, but expect it will be the same.

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