Help with some Anniversary Edition translation

When my grandparents passed, I was entrusted with the letters they wrote each other during World War II. I have been in the process of transcribing these letters for my extended family. My grandfather knew Gregg Anniversary Edition shorthand and used it regularly in his letters home. I was able to find a Gregg dictionary, which has been very helpful, but on occasion I get stumped. If someone is willing to help me out with this, I would be most appreciative.

(by Andy for group greggshorthand)

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  1. It's just a word here and there–even then, I only run into a problem once in a while. The dictionary I found helps me with most of the symbols I find. I was going to post an image of the letter, but I don't see any options for doing this. Can I just email you the image, or do you know how I can upload it? Thanks for the quick response.

  2. Andy, is your request to do a full transcription of the letters, or to help you with a word here and there? If it's the latter, you may post some of the passages that you are having problems, and we could help. However, if it is a lot of material to be transcribed, it is better to pay someone to do this kind of job.

  3. If you can break it down into letters, just use those. Also include the sentence around it, which you have decoded, since context helps a lot.

    Sometimes this works. Other times, it's hard to pick out individual letters and images are necessary.

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