Vocabulary of the Anniversary Manual

Dear shorthanders,

Attached here is “The Vocabulary of the Gregg Shorthand Manual: Anniversary Edition.”
This is actually a surprisingly useful little resource. It refers to every word used in the manual by unit and page number, so that a shorthand writer doesn’t just memorize each word he looks up in a dictionary, but learns the principle behind writing that word that way. The preface explains more about this, but I find it pretty helpful for reminding myself of several of the principles that get fuzzy over time.
All best,

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  1. Thanks, Andrew. Were I teaching or learning Gregg, I'd find this material indispensable for study and practice. Am surprised this book was not revised when Simplified Gregg hit the market. It's certainly useful for anyone learning Anniversary.

  2. Thanks, Andrew. I was wishing for something just like this today. My mind blanked on something elementary, and skimming the manual to find it for review was interesting, but not particularly efficient.

  3. Andrew, you've done it again! 🙂

    I had just learned of the existence of this gem from perusing google books. Now that I'm looking at your pdf the only question is, why didn't they include this with the Manual itself ???

    This will be very useful. I have found the word indexes in other volumes to be invaluable, but now to have one for the Manual—Hurrah!!! And thanks very much. 🙂

  4. I started to make something like that, but stalled early on. It's a lot of work to check every word that looks new, especially since they introduce some words in the passages without previewing them.

    A real gem!

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