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  1. Thank you for reposting this. I couldn't get to it on the old post.

    Looks like there will be a bit of a learning curve to using it, but if I minded that, I wouldn't have taken up shorthand in the first place.

  2. OK, here's how to do it in Chrome:

    1. Click with the right mouse button on the file name.
    2. Choose Save link as …. The "Save As" window will appear.
    3. Choose the directory in which you want to save the files.
    4. On the bottom, in the Save as type: pull down menu, choose either JPEG Image for the first file, or All Files for the TTF file.
    5. In the File Name: entry box, if the file has an htm extension, replace it with either jpg (for the first file) or ttf (for the second file) if necessary.
    6. Click Save.

  3. You can use spaces (sometimes many spaces) to keep the strokes from overlapping. If you have some kind of spelling or grammar check, it will yell at you. It's also tedious to do, but you can cobble something together this way. : )

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