The Gregg Writer, Volume 15, Anonymous

While looking around eBay and AbeBooks for Gregg Materials, I came across a mysterious book called “The Gregg Writer, Volume 15” by “Anonymous”.

Apparently, it’s a 736-page print-on-demand book produced by BiblioBazaar LLC. I get the impression that it’s a scanned reproduction of old issues of the Gregg Writer magazine. They say they only do pre-1923 material so I guess it’s at least that old.

Has anyone ever bought the book? How many issues does it cover, from what date range? How is the quality? Is it worth getting?

(by Philip for
group greggshorthand)


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  1. Perhaps I’m missing something, but on that page, I don’t see any option to download an eBook or read it online—I just see a table of contents, but that’s it.

    The “other issues” at the bottom also say “no preview” under them.

  2. Hi Philip. Try this: Go back to Chuck's link and hover your cursor over the red field that says "EBOOK – FREE." In a second you should see a list of options pop up. Click on the option for PDF, or whatever you prefer. (Google's new approach on this got me for a while too.)

  3. When I go to the link, I get redirected to (not sure whether the "&redir_esc=y" at the end is significant or not).

    The red field at the top left, under "Books", says "GET PRINT BOOK" for me, and underneath the red field it says, "No eBook available".

    I take it that you see something else? I wonder whether it's to do with my being in Germany?

    Changing the URL to (.com instead of .de) doesn't make a difference, though.

    Could you send me the PDF, please, or post it to the group?

  4. Thanks!

    Unfortunately, the “PDF” link at the Internet Archive links to the Google URL you gave, which doesn’t work for me.

    …Ah, I was able to download the PDF from the Internet Archive by following the “All Files” link.

    And thanks for uploading it here, too (while I was writing this comment)!

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