When do I add punctuation?

The pre transcription exercises in the manual have no punctuation.  My assumption is that when taking dictation, the only punctuation taken would be periods, question marks, and end of paragraph marks.  Is the idea that the stenographer also includes commas when possible? What about hyphens and quotations marks?  Is this more of a style choice able to be edited later or is it desired that the writer include them during dictation?  Also, were commas always to be circled?

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  1. Often, the person dictating includes some punctuation, like quotes, periods, colons. The transcriber would then add the rest of the punctuation while transcribing. In the Diamond Jubilee series they introduced a Punctuation Practice with lesson 31 Volume 1. They also had a grammar exercise, and spelling with each lesson.

  2. Shorthand teachers in the 1950's and 1960's assumed students knew how to punctuate and would insert proper punctuation as needed when transcribing. In practical office life the dictator might occasionally indicate desired punctuation which the stenographer would most likely, following the example of the Second Edition of the Simplified series, indicate by circling the written mark.

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