Progressive Speed-Building Tests

This booklet is a collection of letters and essays that have appeared in different Gregg books and in The Gregg Writer, that were compiled and marked by Clyde Blanchard to be used for dictation. Each test follows the “pyramid” method of speed building, and the first letter starts at 20 wpm. Although the selections are correlated with the chapters of the Anniversary manual, they can be used in any series. Students should be able to write these passages at the posted speeds, regardless of the series of Gregg they study.

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  1. I've glanced through my copy of Speed Building to get an idea of what's coming up. Right now, I'm working my way through Speed Studies, the third edition. I can see why you recommend it. It's very well arranged.

  2. Great resource! It's good to see how fast we should be after each chapter.

    We might get lucky. Quick tests show the image is clear enough that it's worth trying to convert it to text and then sound automatically. They will be the same quality as my other sound files — good enough for review, unsure if good enough for taking dictation cold. Speeds accurate enough for study. I'll tell you in a few hours. (Note to self: Don't neglect the laundry.)

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