Gregg Newsletter – January 1949

This excerpt from the January 1949 issue of the Gregg Newsletter shows the proposed brief forms in the new version of Gregg Shorthand that was to be released after Anniversary. It has some resemblance to Simplified Gregg, but it looks more like an Anniversary brief forms list.

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  1. While I'm sorry that they did not ultimately retain many of the Anniversary brief forms shown in this brief form chart, I am glad that they restored other Anniversary brief forms in place of the outlines given in the second chart for like, quantity, yesterday, body, confidence, confident, during (with the dot), enough, experience, future, house, immediate, immediately, necessary, opinion, nevertheless, right, subject, and wonder.

    I wonder whether they revised their work in response to comments from teachers and other who read this article.

    I find it interesting that this article speaks not of eliminating the reversing principle but of eliminating its use at the end of words. It speaks of an RK ending but does not mention in RD blend.

    The differences between the changes announced in this article and Simplified as it actually appeared are pronounced. This is suprising inasmuch as the article appeared only a few months before the publication of Simplified. The changes were obviously made very quickly.

    I have always wondered how involved Gregg had been in the 1949 simplification. Here I see evidence that the revision was not his work, inasmuch as the editors made significant changes in the first few months of 1949.

  2. It would have been interesting to see the actual drafts of that version. I bet the initial go around was very Anniversary-like. I wonder if those drafts were kept by Louis Leslie in his personal collection.

  3. As you probably know, Leslie's personal collection is at Rider University in Lawrenceville, New Jersey. I know the special collections librarian there and had planned a visit, which I had to cancel. I'll make another appointment and will check to see if any drafts of the revision are included in the collection.

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