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While looking around, I found an online course offered in Gregg Shorthand: .

From the description, they’re teaching Simplified (though the “Recommended Books” section lists a Centennial book… but the Syllabus has the Gregg Shorthand Manual Simplified in its “Course Materials” section).

Costs are $45 for the course if you don’t need a certificate, $70 if you do.

Apparently, it’s a self-paced course (you have six months to get through it) with a real instructor.

I’ve got no experience with distance education, much less this particular provider, so I have no idea how useful (or legit) it is, but I thought I’d share it with the group—in case someone wants something a little more structured than being completely self-taught.

(And if anyone has heard of, whether good or bad, please let me know as well.)

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  1. Thank you very much for pointing me toward those older threads!

    It seems that they have different courses from time to time, depending on the teacher—S90 at one point, and now Simplified (or Centennial??).

    The errors in the S90 course don’t sound too good, and the lack of submitting handwritten Gregg is disappointing: you don’t get any outside feedback on mistakes or tips on improving your proportions etc.

    Doesn’t sound like that great of a deal, then.

  2. I took this class but gradually drifted away from it. I found the instructor's digitised shorthand difficult to read (sets of consonants looked indistinguishable from each other, for instance), and while I did submit scans of my work, there wasn't actually any feedback provided. It was also based on Series 90, which was what I wanted to learn at the time, but the disadvantages of spelling everything out in full quickly became apparent.

    It's structured well, if I remember correctly, so if someone's looking for a process to go through that might be useful, but there are SO many free textbooks and dictation files available on these boards and elsewhere that, personally, I think back with regret about having spent that money. I suppose I was looking for a shortcut, and there is none, or a teacher, which this is not.

  3. Tell me more about the course not having a teacher?

    The bit about finding Series 90 problematical from the point of view of spelling everything out was also interesting—I occasionally wonder whether I should use S90 for something that’s shorter than longhand and not readable to outsiders while being easy on the memory.

  4. If speed is a lower priority, S90 can be serviceable, but for things you've already learned thoroughly memory load isn't really an issue.

    Writing things out can be useful in any series to get things down without interruption when you can't quite remember the rule or shortcut at once, or for unfamiliar words that you need a more complete outline to be sure of what you're reading.

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