I am totalmente newbie to the world of shorthand but I am attracted to it and like practicality of it (even in the modern age of electronics).
At the moment I am not planning to be a court reporter (or anyone that needs very, very fast writing) but a regular note taker while reading. Would like to learn Gregg at some point of time. Do I have to learn a book from cover to cover for shorthand to be useful or i am allowed to take bits that are useful for my purpose and leave aside other?
I mean if I take Pre-Ani or Ani system should I commit myself to it from cover to cover?
Is there a point at which shorthand becomes useful even if all book has not been studied?

yours, Sasha

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  1. While you are working your way from cover to cover, you can use the bits of shorthand you have already learned and use regular longhand writing for the rest. This gives you a chance to practice what you have learned while you are studying the rest of it. Mcbud is right, you really do want to learn the complete theory. Some parts you may not use that often, but you will find all of it useful.

  2. Cover to cover is the way to go, because you need to know the complete theory to be able to write any word without hesitation. However, Gregg comes in different series. if you take Gregg, you may want to consider studying either one of the Diamond Jubilee, Series 90, or Centennial series, which are less memory-intensive than Pre-anniversary or Anniversary, or to get the gist of Gregg, you may also want to consider Gregg Notehand, which is even simpler. Simplified Gregg is a good compromise (intermediate between Anniversary and Diamond Jubilee), but you will still need to study it cover to cover to make sense and good use out of it.

  3. Also, stick to what's in the book until you've covered all the theory thoroughly. Advanced writers are encouraged to adapt it. Legal writers often condense entire stock sentences into a simple outline.

    Learners, though, risk creating conflicts.

    Simply writing the passages out a few times from the text isn't enough. I did that for DJS and barely learned the last half.

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