Dictation Files, Simplified Functional, Assignments 25 through 30, 40-90wpm

Tada! Once the uploads are done, the project will be done. The site will have all the passages that have transcripts in the appendix of Gregg Simplified Functional Edition 2, copyright 1949, printed 1955.

Same notes as before. I’ve combined each assignment into one zip file for this batch. The file names now have just the passage number.

Many thanks to the people who suggested I try OCR one last time. It worked!

Also thanks to my husband for the programming support, including the core of the “insert delays” program, file control, and, just today, renaming 715 files from zzzz-0x0wps.mp3 to zzz-0x0wpm.mp3. (It took him 3 minutes — apparently he wrote it years ago and finds it very useful.)

I haven’t actually listened to any of these files. Let me know if there are any problems.


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(by Cricket for
group greggshorthand)


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  1. Thank you, Cricket. I am tackling the passages from assignment 55 on. The regular Simplified manual would not have every passage that the Functional one does, but it's a start.


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