Your Hand is Fast Enough

This short article from the February 1967 issue of Junior Secretary reinforces the notion that to write shorthand fast, outlines need to be in the brain. In the scan, I included the article “Where Do You Stand?”, which discusses the expectations for dictation speeds of a stenographer in the job market. It contains an interesting table about how one ranks based on dictation speed in terms of the ability to take shorthand from a dictator in general.

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  1. Thanks!

    Reinforces again the notion of having lots of well-written shorthand for reading practice… not always easy to obtain. (Especially if one is not learning Anniversary and has access to the novels.)

    Makes me glad I got hold of a bunch of _Today's Secretary_ issues, even if the material is not that fascinating.

  2. I have the following issues of Today’s Secretary:

    September 1954
    October 1954
    November 1954
    January 1955
    March 1955
    April 1955
    May 1955
    November 1956
    March 1957
    September 1957
    December 1957
    January 1958
    (total of 12)

    Any interest in starting with a particular issue?

    I also have the following issues of The Gregg Writer, in case anyone’s interested:

    January 1937
    March 1937
    June 1940
    September 1940
    October 1940
    January 1941
    November 1943
    June 1944
    December 1944
    (total of 9)

  3. Thanks for letting me know. I wasn't aware of this issue. I didn't see the attachment in the mobile version either. I have provided a link in the text for the attachment. The other workaround is to access the full site for the attachment, but I understand that this can be an issue if accessing the site from a cell phone.

    For the articles I posted this weekend and in the future, I will be providing links within the text for the attachments.

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