Writing ‘referral’ (a possibly hair-splitting question)

I don’t find the derivative ‘referral’ in either the dictionary or the 5,000 Most-Used book. The most reasonable outline seems to be the same as the one for ‘reflect’: R+FL blended. Is there any likelihood of a conflict in reading? It seems not, but it’s been a long day.

(by Denise
for everyone)

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  1. By serendipity, I found the ruling, or more precisely the note, instructing what to do in such case.
    In Anniversary Manual Unit 21 (Common prefixes and suffixes) under 170. explaining about for,fore,fur prefixes, there is a note as following:

    …(3) when for or fore is followed by a vowel, disjoin 'f' close to the next character, as in 'forearm'. When for or fore is followed by 'r' or 'l', form an angle after 'f', as in forerunner, furlong.

    Just another example how one doesn't simply need to memorize all the rulings in Gregg but one can understand Gregg shorthand through logic and intuition. =J

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