Those too-thick pads do have their uses

I’ve had one of those 100+ page steno pads lying around for a while. It’s too thick to use comfortably on a desk or table, but I finally discovered that it is just right for writing on my lap. It makes a nifty lap desk for writing on other things, too.

(by Denise for everyone)

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  1. I remember seeing a link to one that had all of the columns for reporting and someone said it was too thick for a table. I wondered if you could flip it to where you had a comfortable number of pages bellow and the rest flipped over the top like the reporters in the old photos?

  2. Yes, flipping half the pages out of the way works. Still, as Cricket points out, the smaller ones are more portable. Unless you buy the fancier ones (pastel colors, nicer covers, etc.), they're also cheaper.

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