Brief form drills by Bisbee

I am curious how valuable this little book is.  There is one on ebay and the price is jacking way up. Is it worth it? Is there as scanned version available? (are any of you after it?)

(by Ryan for group greggshorthand)


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  1. I was also wondering about the Bisbee book. I don't think Andrew has put more than the first 4 Units on his website, so I'm wondering if it is worth purchasing the book. Carlos, did you ever find out from Andrew if he intends to put the rest of the book on his site? He has such a wealth of information there already…. I hate to be greedy…. but 🙂

  2. Andrew very generously sent me the pdf. He will… eventually… be adding the remaining units to his website….. at the bottom of each unit as he did with the first few units….. but it won't be for some time yet. In the meantime, Andrew said that I may share the pdf file. Carlos, would you like me to email you a copy? I still have your email address. Then you could post a link to it here…. I don't know how to do that.

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