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  1. Material follows the tr- rule, which I like a lot, :-). Sometimes I use it, sometimes I don't, but it's a nice expedient to know.

    One thing that the latter series of Gregg had was a better workbook for practicing the theory. The Progressive Exercises book in Anniversary is not as good, as they don't provide many derivative drills. To really practice derivatives in Anniversary, you needed to study the dictionary or look elsewhere (The Gregg Writer was a good source of derivative drills). The latter series had the "evolution drills." Granted, the words and the derivatives that they would use were relatively simple (-ing, -s, -ed, for example), but at least the workbook had some word construction drills.

  2. Yes, whenever I look something up in the dictionary or most-used forms book, I jot down related words for practice. In the absence of a workbook, I mostly end up creating my own drills. Poking around in the dusty older posts here has also turned up some useful resources.

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