any search help?

There is a massive amount of files in this site and I was wondering if there is or can there be installed a search engine to sort things or find a specific message? No doubt the directories help, but I wish there were an easier way to trace back to a particular post.

(by Guksung
for group greggshorthand)

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  1. There is a Google search box specific for this site. Click on Home, and you will see it in the Welcome to the Gregg Shorthand Group box. Since this is a Multiply Premium site, Google prioritizes those sites for the search, so you should be able to find what you want from there. Other options include searching by tags, which you can also do from the home page, and lastly, you can always ask and someone will respond. We do not mind repeated questions, because we can always point out a thread for you to read.

  2. Ah, I thought it was site policy rather than a default that made new posts members-only.

    Are there any suggested guidelines for what gets public or is that up to each member?

    I imagine that things like scans of post-1923 material is probably a good candidate for remaining non-public: sharing with people one knows is a more reasonable thing under copyright than sharing with the world.

  3. Done. The Simplified dictation files are group-only. They need the plates to be fully useful. I'd count them as free promotional material, but I suspect the words are still under copyright. It was an interesting review of the site. Tons of material!

  4. OK, here is the answer. To make Google find threads they need to be publicly accessible. The site default for posts is that only members of the group can access. One needs to change (starting from May 2010) all posts to public. Authors are the only ones that can do that through the edit function — I have no ability to change anyone else's posts to Public because I cannot edit anyone else's posts. I will be changing my own posts, but if others want their posts to be searchable, they have to do that on their own. The cut-off date is May 3, 2010: posts before that date (which includes the old MSN posts) are supposed to be fully searchable.

    Bottom line: if you want Google to find your thread, you need to make your particular post publicly available.

    Also, it takes Google about one week to fully index the sites.

  5. Exactly, that is my view too and that will be my rule for my own posts: scans of post-1923 material, recordings, etc., will remain nonpublic. If you look at posts before 2010, we weren't that active in posting articles or recording material anyway, so there is very little there from that end. However, there were lots of good posts about questions, and those are indexed already anyway. if the post refers to a question, then those should be public. The majority of the posts that I have personally originated have been reprints of articles or recordings, so I don't have much to make public per se. But there have been some good questions lately posted by members, and unfortunately, I cannot do anything myself to make those public.

    Lastly, it's a default for the group to make things nonpublic for the reasons I expressed above (not a Multiply default).

  6. Not directly (and I wish Multiply had this function, because it would make my life much easier!). But it is not as bad as it seems. Most posts are either tagged under "General" or "Anything Goes."

    If you choose the tag "General" by clicking on General in the home page (or choosing General from the tag cloud), the latest posts cover pages 1 to 6.
    If you choose the tag "Anything Goes", the latest posts cover pages 1 to 5.

    You can repeat the process for other posts with other tags (Reading Selections, etc.).

    Lastly, if you click on All Messages in the Home Page, the latest posts cover pages 1-12.

  7. There is another way to search.  Put the following into a search engine.  (I like Duck, Duck, Go, and also StartPage.)

    After the last letter, leave one space, and type the desired search subject.

    Example: Winifred Richmond Kenna

    I put this into Duck, Duck, Go.  Here are the results: Winifred Richmond Kenna



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