I’ve known for some time that the  “o” was not used in the anniversary outline for adopt but then today wrote it in.  Then i began to wonder why.  The “o” is added in the simplified dictionary.  The word adopt appears in the manual along side of adapt in the paragraph on the omission of the final t.  Still, it is not a special form so why no “o”?  Is it the same as in the word analysis where we drop un important vowels?  Am i forgetting an obvious principle?

(by Ryan for group greggshorthand)


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  1. Yes: the abbreviating principle, :-).

    The only other words with "a-d-vowel-p" are "adapt" and "adept", and we write the circles for those because they are easier to write than hooks, and further, since there are no other English words with -dop- that have the open o sound, the hook is dropped. The same reasoning goes for "tropic."

    The "Special Forms" in the FM manual (or the words in the vocabulary list from the regular Anniversary manual) are just examples of frequently used words in which the abbreviating principle is applied. It is not an exhaustive list.

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