Easter cards from my daughter

Today is Easter Sunday in Germany, and my daughter gave me two hand-made cards. And she signed them in Gregg shorthand!

The proportions are rather off (and she had always written the circles clockwise), but I’m impressed she remembered that it was a big circle, a line, and a small circle; and one of the cards even has the little “capital” dashes under her name.

(by Philip for group greggshorthand)

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  1. No, though the way she wrote it, it looks as if there’s an N in it.

    She wrote her name in longhand in the inside of the heart.

    (And the little circle at the end would make it “Annie” rather than simply “Anne”, where the final E is silent and wouldn’t be written in Gregg. Or if you read her outline as Anniversary, it could be something like “Anner” since she wrote the circle—wrongly—on top of the line.)

  2. Haha, if she continued, sure!

    Though come to think of it, she’d probably have an easier time learning shorthand (at least, phonetic shorthand such as Gregg or Pitman, rather than spelling-oriented shorthand such as Teeline) than English spelling, especially since she goes to school in German so she won’t have any formal instruction in English spelling for quite some years.

    Perhaps I should get a book on a very unabbreviated form (Notehand?) for her 🙂

    She’s not showing much interest in learning it so far, though. Knowing her name was curiosity enough so far.

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