Fantasy novels written in Gregg (?)

I heard somewhere, possibly on this blog, that Alice in Wonderland has been written in Gregg. That alone is fantastic (and what a choice! that book threw my mind for loops), but I was hoping to find out if there are others(?). It would be something to have such books in a collection! Does anyone know of other books written in Gregg, and where they and/or Alice in Wonderland can be procured? Thank you for your time.

And as an aspiring fantasy novel writer (take that with a grain of salt), I’d definitely make a shorthand version if I ever got a novel off the ground. 😉

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  1. Alice in Wonderland has been scanned in and posted to the Internet Archive, since it’s out of copyright. A print-on-demand place took that scan and is selling copies of it; you can get it on Amazon for $7, for example (look for “Alice in Wonderland in Gregg shorthand”). You can also have a look around for original copies on places such as eBay or Abebooks—or if you prefer “free”, download the scan from the Internet Archive.

    Do note that Alice, like nearly all other novels and stories commercially published in Gregg shorthand, is not in Simplified. The version of Alice in the Archive is in Anniversary. Most material was published in Pre-Anniversary or Anniversary.

    Have a look for “Printed in Gregg Shorthand” at the Internet Archive for a whole lot more scans in Anniversary and Pre-Anniversary Gregg.

  2. Thank you both.

    I found Alice in .mobi for my Kindle, so when I'm proficient enough at Gregg I'll be able to read it. 🙂 No reason to buy a print version, that's exactly why I bought a Kindle in the first place. Surprising you can download it for free in just about any format.

    I'm sure I'll be able to write a novel in shorthand in the future, just not sure I'll actually ever write the novel using the English alphabet to begin with… have this desire that won't go away, but haven't thought up the story yet! But be assured if I do, then I will.

  3. I'm soooo itchin' for my Gregg manual to get here, ya'know? I want to have my head buried in the thing, with a notebook by my side to practice at every opportunity like I was with Anniversary. Thought it'd be here today, but apparently not!

  4. Check the Reading Selections section of this blog. There are a few novels/short stories that were transcribed into Gregg, such as The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, The Man Without and Country, and others. These were written in either Pre-Anniversary or Anniversary Gregg. Other short stories were serialized in The Gregg Writer, and I usually post one every month. Unfortunately, none of these were ever rewritten for Simplified Gregg, but maybe you'll get motivated and write them, :-).

  5. All of the Gregg novels, readers, and manuals on the Internet Archives that I uploaded will work on a Kindle. There are others in the Internet Archives library that I did not scan or upload that use a CMYK color format. If you try to read those on a kindle, you get a blurry mess. I was able to export the images out of those files as JPG files and put them into PDF files in the JPG format. Those work on my Kindle. The process involved using a screen snap program printer driver.

    I also took a few scans that were double page and made them single page for easier reading on the Kindle.

    Here are the scans that caused problems on my kindle:
    –Alice in Wonderland (1916 Pre-Anniversary)
    –Rip Van Winkle (1902 Pre-Anniversary)
    –The Great Stone Face (1902 Pre-Anniversary)
    –Letters from a Self-Made Merchant to His Son (1902 and 1916 Pre-Anniversary)

  6. It is my understanding that ePub, Mobi, and the other eBook files with Gregg Shorthand do not work on a Kindle or other book reading device. The shorthand plates are not font based. They are images. Has anyone had any luck with a non-PDF eBook Gregg Shorthand book working on a Kindle, iPad, etc.?

  7. Yes, but it was the English text-only Word and Sentence Drills, which doesn't really count. ; )

    It is possible to include images in the other formats, but I gather the process is labor-intensive and requires a lot of debugging to get it the way you want it.

  8. Ah that's right, I didn't think of that, the .mobi Alice definitely won't work, it would have to be a PDF… and would have to be readable on a 6" Kindle, which most PDFs are not (at least not easily, you usually have to scroll or change the orientation and it's still a *pain* to read them). At least I could read it on my laptop!

  9. Some of the books are readable at whole page scale, once you get used to the proportions at that size. I occasionally resort to a magnifying lens, since I carry one on general principles, but it's not ideal. My sympathies.

  10. If you are wondering why the Internet Archive Library has unreadable ePub books in Gregg Shorthand, here is the explanation. When you upload a PDF, by default, Internet Archives creates ePub, Kindle, Daisy, Full text, and DIVu. You can shut off that feature for an upload or delete those unreadable files, but most uploaders don't. I found this out when uploading those 36 Gregg Novels, Readers, and Shorthand Manuals.

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