Godfrey Dewey

Currently I am on lesson six of his Script Shorthand – basic text (thanks to Hathi trust). After a long period of procrastination I feel elated that I am learning (and using) shorthand. I have General Shorthand Teacher – book generally used next to a basic text. But unfortunately those two books are not synced. General shorthand was published two years prior to Script S. and there should be some minor changes (not that I, at this level can see any).
I would like to ask whether any member of this forum has a Script S. Teacher and Dictation exercises that could be digitized since there is dearth of his books (except for Personal shorthand – a pitmanic kind of a system) on the net.

Another thing that I would like to ask if there are any general,kind-of, principles for reporting shorthand. Dewey’s Script shorthand is on same graphical basis as Melins or Groote ( and some other European systems) so I presume that there is no inherent drag in speed due to graphical script basis. Even though Dewey may not intended to develop his shorthand further down the line towards a reporting tool I, myself, would like to know whether and how that could be accomplished if needs to be.

(by sasa for greggshorthand group)

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