Student’s Manual of Shorthand Numerals

This self-published guide by Roscoe F. Hunt presents a system of writing numbers in Gregg Shorthand. I’m not aware of anyone using this system, but nevertheless, it is an interesting publication. This was retrieved from the electronic files of the Louis A. Leslie Collection of Shorthand Materials at Rider University.

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  1. On quick review, that looks like a pretty good system, and a nice supplement to GS. Thanks for posting. Has anyone ever compiled a list of self-published (or otherwise 'unofficial') GS materials? I know of a very few unofficial GS publications, though none (besides this one) that actually builds on the official system. I wonder if there are others?

  2. I rarely need to record complicated numbers, but when I do I ask for copies. Don't you hate meetings where the "Financial Report" means the treasurer reads five pages of financial statement? I don't know abut you, but the only way those make sense to me is seeing them on paper.

  3. I've never had that dubious pleasure. I do belong to one group that the treasurer emails the report rather than printing it, but she usually sends it before the meeting, so we have a chance to print our own.

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