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I am searching for Godfrey Deweys books. I have been trying to find them through Abebooks and other book selling sites. Have also been searching through Worldcat. I have found them on some libraries. In some of them the books are in reference dept. which means that i am required to visit. Since I am in Istanbul that would not be so practical at the moment. Therefore I would like to ask members of this forum if by any chance you come across Script shorthand and Dewey shorthand titles (Basic text, teacher, dictionary, penmanship exercises, dictation course) please direct me. I would like to buy them.

Thank you

(by sasa for group greggshorthand)

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  1. Godfrey Dewey has published several books on shorthand.
    1922. Personal shorthand – which is a sort of Pitmanic shorthand.
    Sometimes later he made an experiment with Demotic shorthand that was kind of semiscript (well not really a shorthand as i have seen, since there are no extensive abbreviation rules) alphabet that can be used for writing down English language.

    1936 General shorthand appeared. This is script shorthand on a par with Groote or Melins shorthand. Fully developed, with supplemental materials, it was serious contender for taking a piece of business shorthand market from Gregg.
    1938 slightly modified edition of that shorthand was published under name Script shorthand ( Just today I have finished main theory of the book and now only remains practice, practice and more practice. But as any shorthand user I would like to have that supplemental material to support my learning.
    And 1947 there was last edition of this shorthand published under name Dewey shorthand. I have natural helthy interest into this work for I would like to see whethet there are any further changes done to basic system. Also this addition has been supported with additional material like previous ones. What is interesting is that most complete collection of his books are in British libraries. Alas, all are in general reference departments which means that they are not going out of library. Even if they do still I am in Turkey and will not be seeing those books easily. I was trying to find a contact of Dewey publishing corp. (which is long time gone now). So only what remains now is wait and see if something appears online. For now I am satisfied to use what I have learned and also as severe procrastinator this accomplishment gives me a great pleasure.
    Still if you see any of his books please let me know. I would be really much obliged.

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