Shorthand, TV Interviews (Uruguay 2009)

There’s a video in Youtube about TV shorthand interviews in Uruguay:
The video is in Spanish, but I have attached the transcription in Spanish and English.
This is the background of these interviews:
In 2009, Uruguayan Parliament opens applications for shorthand reporter position,
and there were a big number of applicants due mainly to:
1. The last call (in this issue) was fifteen years ago.
2. The offering of a good salary in comparison with Uruguayan common salary
Osvaldo Castro

Attachment: entrevistas.pdf

(by Osvaldo for group greggshorthand)

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  1. Very interesting video, thanks for posting. So shorthand is alive and well in South America in parliamentary dictation, although there are only 200 certified shorthand writers in Uruguay. They recommend at least two years of practice before certification and 130 wpm (actual words!). That's very fast in Spanish. They also said that they work in ten-minute shifts, equivalent to 1000 words on average (100 wpm), with the shorthand writer transcribing immediately after each take.

    For a second I thought that we were going to have a recipe in the middle of the video, but it continued with the second part, :-).

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