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In case you didn’t know, from Multiply’s CEO:

“Hello. Stefan here, writing you from Multiply HQ in Jakarta, Indonesia.

As most of you are probably aware, Multiply’s mission has evolved over the past year and a half to become the biggest and most beloved ecommerce marketplace in two very exciting markets, Indonesia and the Philippines. As our focus has shifted, we have reviewed all of our operations, and made some decisions that will affect everyone here.

  • From December 1st, we will unfortunately no longer be able to support Multiply in its current form – notably we will be removing the social networking and content sharing part of Multiply (photos, videos, blogs, social messaging, etc.). We have decided to discontinue providing and hosting these services, as we have concluded that other Internet sites who are committed to social networking services will do a better job serving you than we can.
  • For our existing users of social networking features, we will be providing easy ways for you to either download your stuff (photos, blogs, content, etc), or migrate it to other online services. We’ll announce the precise details shortly. It will be your choice whether to download, migrate or just let your content lapse (and get deleted).
  • For our existing ecommerce users (both buyers and sellers) in Indonesia and the Philippines, there will be no action required.
  • Regarding any existing Multiply Premium subscriptions we will refund any unused balance, and apologize for any inconvenience this will cause. Please contact customer service to request a refund. Note that this is for Multiply Premium, not the ecommerce related Multiply Trust product.

I am aware of how disruptive this news may be, and understand the disappointment that it may cause. Ultimately this was a business decision, critical to our to success moving forward. Instead, we are excited to pursue our own mission to give the 350 million consumers in Indonesia and the Philippines a great way to buy and sell items online. Our singular focus now is for Multiply to retain its status as a vibrant e-commerce destination in Southeast Asia in the years ahead.

I suspect that many of you will not like this news, and am sorry to have to deliver it now. I hope that you will be able to understand the reasons for our decision and thank you for being a part of the Multiply community over the past eight years.

Stef “

As I indicated in a previous post, I’m committed to do whatever I can to keep this group alive in whatever incarnation it ends up being. I’ll keep you posted with any developments.

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  1. That miserable message popped up when I logged in just now.

    Yes, this group MUST continue!

    Doesn't Cricket know about all the places which could host us? But then all the pdf files will have to be moved. . . . Ugh.

  2. Thanks for the heads-up. Unfortunate news, but after the earlier announcement, not too much of a surprise. It seems like whenever a company says they're not planning to change something, it's just a matter of time before they do. : /

    As more details become available, let us know what we can do to help prepare for moving day.

  3. No problem. The CEO message just popped in my Inbox a few minutes ago, and people are starting to react. From the comments I've been reading in Multiply's support group, others have not received it yet.

  4. Yes, as nisew said, I would be happy to help as best I can when the day comes. It will probably be a rather painful move, but on the bright side, maybe the new host will be better than Multiply…

    Thanks to everyone for keeping this group going. I've only been here a few months, but this has really become a cosy feeling group already. JRG would be smiling down on us, seeing his community overcome such difficulties!

  5. They will be providing migration tools. I'm on a sit-and-wait stance right now to see that the choices will be.

    (I'm not sure why don't they spin-off the social networking of Multiply. But if TPTB decided to become an online flea market in Indonesia and compete with eBay, so be it.)

  6. Yeah, I'd like to stay a member of this group, even though I can only log on during the summer and every few months during the school year. Please let me know if there is a migration after the beginning of September…. Cheers.

  7. Since migration notices are usually communicated via e-mail, make sure that your e-mail address is correct in your profile. To do so, click on My Account on the top of the page. The first item on the left should be the Account Summary, and on the right you will see your current e-mail.

  8. Bummer is right.

    Fingers crossed they make arrangements for a nice migration to a suitable platform, but my fingers have been failing lately.

    I'd suggest a combination of Yahoo groups for conversations (it's built for it) and for uploads.

    Yahoo will take uploads, but it doesn't organize them very well. I don't know if managers can move files between folders — which is necessary as the number of files increases. If managers can move files, great! Need to double-check upload types and sizes. is a wiki. Decent for organizing. You can tell it to email you of all new posts, so it will work, but it's not as easy as "Create new post." Need to confirm upload types and sizes.

    Google groups would have been a candidate a few years ago, but I wanted to shift a real life group last year and the upload feature disappeared (or maybe I just couldn't find it).

    Carlos, if we have to migrate manually, I have a bit of time in October and can download some from here then upload elsewhere. If you divide the work into chunks, I'll take a few. I'd hate to lose all the work put into this group.

  9. Thanks Cricket. When I last moved the group from MSN, it was done in one swoop and the migration engine took care of the post transfers. Lastly, once the transfer was completed, the MSN site was automatically shutdown. So a manual migration was not even possible. I'm not sure if that will be the mechanism we will be using this time, but what we need to make sure is that we have backups of the documents and files (not of the posts), because in some cases the attachments did not migrate. Of course, I have originals of everything I have posted and for the most part have all documents in the site downloaded, but I may have missed one or two.

  10. Unfortunate news.
    Well, I hope the transition will be smooth
    because I really do enjoy shorthand and this group.
    I'll look forward to the updates and kudos to all of you
    for building up such a community.

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