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  1. Man, it's gonna take a little bit of time to learn this new site. I wonder if there is an easy way to get a quick list of all the new and updated topics like you could over at Multiply? Bare with me if I am not posting as frequently, as I am going to need to learn how to navigate around.


    1. The quickest way will be to use the Last Comments widget on the left. It lists the 10 most recent comments. The other way is to subscribing to a post by email. The last way, which I have not implemented yet, is to subscribe to an RSS feed of the blog. I'm still working on that method.

      The Past Posts widget on the left should help you with the latest posts.

    2. I just noticed that I seem to have missed a bunch of posts – I was so used to being notified of new posts by email!

      An RSS feed of the blog would be great. Though I'm not sure how that works for private blogs.

      And a "subscribe to new entries by email" option would be even better! (I think WordPress has that as an option for hosted blogs automatically, but I don't think Blogger does.)

    3. Yes, I noticed that too. That's why I added the numbering of comments, so that one can respond to a specific comment by referring to the number. For example, I'm replying to 2c.

    4. Re 2d – good idea with the numbering of comments! I hadn't realised that was something that had to be enabled. Thanks!

      Re 2e – I has assumed that this blog was private because some of the documents we share are only intended for group members, like in the members-only Multiply group? Specifically, the newer selections are not out of copyright, and I would imagine it makes a difference if you share such things with people you know at least a little vs. sharing them with the entire Internet.

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