Ask, and ye shall receive … if I can!

With the change to Blogger, I have received suggestions as to what to add to the blog. Two of these are RSS feeds and subscription by e-mail. Are there any other things you would like to see?

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    1. Thanks Cricket!

      We need to figure out a way to deal with your dictation files. I haven't hosted those in my site yet. Do you have any idea of how much total space we will need for those zip files?

  1. Hi Carlos,

    Looking at the Reading Material section. There are, wow! tons of documents.

    It would make sense (to me) to sort them into subfolders by version, plus one for typed (which is usually advice about learning shorthand in general).

    I'm willing to help (since I'll benefit), but don't have access.

    1. I will be creating submenus in the Reading Selections that would sort by series, instead of creating more subfolders. The idea is to search from the website, not from Google docs, because I can move stuff around within Google docs without affecting the links to the files. The menu on top is just rudimentary for the basics.

    2. That would work. Anything so us non-Anni people can go right to our stuff, rather than opening several files just to find one of ours. (Repeats Mantra: No matter how much more interesting the Anni reading (and how annoying it is for business letters to start 'Dear Friend'), I will stick with Simplified until I finish the book at 60wpm.)

    3. LOL, no problem. The issue that I'm having right now is that if I use JQuery commands (probably the nicest looking menus), Interet Explorer is having a hard time with the commands (in fact, they are saying that the new JQuery won't support IE < 9). So I'm looking for alternate ways now.

    1. There is no built-in way of "bumping" a post, other than changing the original date of publishing. But if you subscribe to the RSS or use the Last Comments widget on the left, you should get the most recent comments (by reverse chronological order, of course).

    2. It usually does, but it can be a large number. Imagine the size if someone joins after a few years? It's unfortunate that the porting was only offered to blog systems rather than groups that are set up for conversations.

  2. I don't know how other people would feel about this, but I've been thinking it would be nice if there were some kind of a "like" button for comments and replies, that would serve to give positive feedback when a person doesn't have anything substantial to add–kind of like a smile, or a head nod.

    1. I came across +1 in the Google reader (or somewhere) but I don't think it shows up unless you're using that feature.(?)

      I think that's a good feature, because it recommends a thread–but in my opinion, it doesn't replace the like/thumbs up idea, which is more of a nonverbal comment.

    2. I personally do not like the thumbs up/down feature (put yourself in the shoes of the person writing the comment if you do thumbs down), but will see how to put a +1, which I understand is using Google+. That can be added to the main posts, but I haven't seen how to do it in comments. Also, I've seen some blogs with a "Like" button by itself in the comments — something that I would also consider — but haven't found the code either.

    3. I agree about the thumbs down. (Remember the adage, "If you don't have something nice to say….") Of course, if someone disagrees with a remark and wishes to voice their thoughts, it's probably better to formulate a meaningful reason. When people agree there isn't always so much of a need to expound–but affirmation is useful.

  3. I added a new menu with the purpose of streamlining the content of the blog. It works in Firefox and Chrome, but it doesn't work with IE9. I'm still looking for a fix. The good thing is that the majority of visitors to this site are not using IE. If anyone is using Safari or other browsers, could you let me know if there is a problem?

    1. Well, the menu works well in IE10! So Microsoft finally fixed the CSS bugs. The downside: you will need Windows 8 so that you can see the page correctly if you want to use IE.

  4. Today's problem: Last week I typed "contraction" into the search box, and nothing came up. I thought that was rather odd. I'm used to search engines trying to guess and figure out what it is I actually mean, so I didn't try anything else (and somehow I happened to run across a thread with the word "contractions" in the title) but today it dawned on me to add an "s" to "contraction", and wah lah–I got a result.

    So, is there a way to make the search engine a little more versatile?

    1. The search box follows Google's formats and standards. Did you try using a wildcard for the "s"? The only thing I don't think it does is search the comments, but I need to find that out.

    2. No, but since you asked, I asked my son, and he explained to me how that works. He says that means to type the word (or as much of it as you know), and then use an asterisk for the unknowns.

      So, I tried it. I typed in contraction* and got nothing. But, the good news is that, when I type in contractions, it also searches comments, so it brings up three threads–one for the title, and two for the comments.

      So, I guess this means don't give up after searching the base word: add s, -ed, -ing …:-)

    3. Better you than me! (I'm Internet Wrangler for three guilds, mostly of senior ladies. "I have an email address. Email me! Oh, BTW, I'll only check it monthly." "Why can't anyone read it? Open Office said it saved to doc format." It's worth it, though. Several current and prospective members use it. (Phone call, since I'm also the contact person: "I'm looking at your website. It says you have a concert at the library tomorrow at 6. So I just go to the library at 6?")

  5. On Multiply, you could select a portion of the comment you were replying to and quote that.

    Do you know whether there's a similar thing here?

    Or is any formatting allowed in comments, such as HTML "blockquote" or the like, that would help set apart a quote (or italics or bold to emphasise certain bits)?

    As far as I can see, comments are text-only, no formatting, but I thought I'd ask.

    1. Only text attribute and hyperlinks are accepted. I think a way around it is to use attributes, like this:

      Do you know whether there's a similar thing here?

      I agree that the commenting system here leaves a lot to be desired. I'm looking for alternatives.

    2. Re 12.a – how does the "attributes" thing work? I haven't heard of that feature before.

      (I'm using Firefox 16, if that makes a difference. I don't see a toolbar or anything near the comment box that would let me change the appearance – is it a browser thing or a blog thing?)

    3. Results of the testing (the deleted comments).

      Basic HTML tags work.

      Before the word you want in italics, put < i >, but without spaces. After, put < / i >. Again, no spaces. For bold, it's the same thing but 'b', not 'i'.

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