Gregg Shorthand for the Electronic Office

While following escritora61’s link to an eBay auction for a student’s transcript of Gregg Shorthand Simplified, I didn’t find that book (perhaps it was already bought), but did find a transcript of a book called Gregg Shorthand for the Electronic Office which I hadn’d heard about before.
Does anyone know anything about it?
(It seems to be Series 90, so it’s not immediately interesting for me, but I’m still curious about this title I had never heard of before.)

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  1. The link you refer to works for me. I tried it in Firefox, and IE to be sure. I know nothing about the book you mention, but the picture looks like more of trying to isolate Gregg Shorthand into a specific vocational vocabulary. Maybe if they had coated the books with rubber, they could have kept the market afloat. The very nature of shorthand encompasses an entire language, not just one segment. I think a book entitled, "Gregg Shorthand: A Whole Language Approach," would have done more to keep shorthand study alive in this country. Here's a link to a book I found on google books a while back. google books link to Elias Longley's shorthand dictionary What a vocabulary list.Granted, he surely didn't expect every writer to fill in every word on the list, but it seems apparent that he expected shorthand writers would have a vocabulary beyond being basic business letter jargon.

  2. Gregg Shorthand for the Electronic Office is a two-volume set of the basic and dictation books written for Series 90. Among the innovations of those books are that the shorthand is written in the two-column lined format, and that instead of opening like a normal book, it opens like a stenography notebook.

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