Green Steno Paper

Hi Everyone,

Sorry it took a few days to get this posted, but this is the electronic steno paper I created a while back. I really haven’t used it because I find writing between the lines a bit too constrictive. I tend to write big. Not sure whether this is something that I should work on. Anyway, I uploaded this to my Google Drive like Carlos explained and hope it works.

Green Steno Paper

P.S. Don’t view it in Google Docs as it doesn’t look right. Download the Word doc to your computer for better results.


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  1. Hi Paul,

    The Gregg Police won't break down your door if you use a different size paper.

    On Andrew's site, there is an article written by a famous Gregg user about size.
    Andrews advice before the article about proportion is very true. (Now if only my hands would believe it!)

    (Let me know if you need a transcription.)

    One successful writer used custom-made over-size pads.

    Having said that, since most people find the standard size works, don't be too fast to drop it. Maybe alternate between standard size and what at first feels like your natural size. Maybe spend time at a size between.

    My son had occupational therapy at age 8 for handwriting. The therapist showed me a study where, instead of insisting kids use the standard large printing books, they let the kids write whatever size they chose. Most kids were neater and faster at their preferred size — which was much smaller than normally recommended for their age.

    Here's the transcript of Dupraw's article. Like I said earlier, also read Andrew's comments.

    Hope this helps!

  2. Thanks Cricket. I will definitely check out that article tomorrow (as it's after midnight where I am). Unable to sleep since I have an elderly cat who's not feeling well.

    I also think this coming week I'd like to come up with some simple sentences, type them out and then try to write them with the shorthand that I know already. I think that would be some good training practice.

    Good night.

  3. I just searched Staples for "steno". Many books, some even say they're Gregg Ruled. Cheap enough to buy a variety even if they don't say Gregg or wide-ruled, then remember for the next order.

    When I have to use normal, 7mm, rules, I double-space. A 'B' is a bit taller than the lines. A 'p' is about 2/3. Approximately.

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